Who We Are: 

We are an intergenerational, interdenominational family of homesteading hobbyists who are doing our best to love God and our neighbors in West Michigan. Dick, the patriarch, is a physician-turned-craftsman who has enjoyed honing his woodworking skills in his retirement from the medical field. Our products are all handmade in his workshop. Laurel, his daughter, is a homeschooling mother of five who serves as the public face of the business in between diaper changes and math lessons.

What We Do:

Our goal is to provide beautiful, lasting, handmade household goods that aid families in living out their faith in their daily lives. We hope to provide tangible reminders of God's grace as it is shown in the liturgical seasons, in family celebrations, and in the daily rhythms of each small domestic church. 

Why We Do It:

We believe that developing family traditions that include special objects enriches our lives and strengthens our shared bonds. I (Laurel) have such a strong fondness for the Advent log my parents brought out every December--it both signified the coming of Christmas, and became a warm place to gather with song and prayer in the soft glow of candlelight. Now I see my own children experience that excitement when we bring out our Advent wreath and our Jesse tree; those objects become sacred in a way. My father has a gift for building things that are both useful and beautiful: we want to share that in hopes that it can be a blessing for more families.

Where We Work:

We live and work on a few acres shared with three cats, twenty seven chickens, and a concerning number of snapping turtles near a pleasant nature preserve in northern Kent County. We named the family estate Avalon--literally translated as "island of apples"-- in honor of the apple trees we inherited from the previous owners. It is also a nod to Avalon's role in Arthurian legend as a place of rest and recovery. Although it's hardly a mythological haven from the world, it has been--so far!--a wonderful place to raise a family.