Odds and Ends: New Kitchen Rosary Release and Spring on the Homestead

Odds and Ends: New Kitchen Rosary Release and Spring on the Homestead

Spring break is off to a monumental start here at Avalon! This is our dedicated spring homesteading week: the first time Zach has extended time at home during daylight hours after the snow melts. Sometimes I wish his work days didn't have to start quite so early, but I am dearly grateful for the built-in breathers that come along with the academic schedule. 

We began the weekend with the double excitement of our first in-person sales event for The Woodshop at Avalon and a trip to a gathering of the American Rabbit Breeders Association. 

It was not a wildly successful sales day, but Penelope and I had a good time connecting with folks at our parish breakfast, and it was great to get some experience with setting up for live events. 


We also had the chance to debut our new kitchen rosary design, featuring the Hail Mary in English and an image of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. You can find it in our shop HERE! 

Sam came home from the ARBA show with a pair of pedigreed Mini Rex rabbits that he hopes to breed this summer. The black one is the buck and the blue-gray is the doe: Sam rejected Zach's suggestion of naming them Othello and Desdemonda--any other good ideas?


The kids are celebrating the arrival of spring with the annual unearthing of the trampoline. We roll it into the pole barn to protect it from the winter weather, and bring it out again once there's enough light for the kids to play outside after dinner. Every year I'm astonished by that magical hour: even if they've been bickering all day, the kids all get along after 7pm for some reason....so of course I never call them inside when I should!

This morning, Zach and Sam returned from their early morning mass and breakfast with another spring surprise: ducklings! These are Pekin ducks--the Jemima Puddleduck variety with the same lovely white plumage and the same feather-brained sense of self-preservation.





We've had poor luck with them in the past, but we're taking a different approach to raising them this year (not along side the chicks as in years past!) in hopes that they'll attach better to their safe coop and learn to enjoy the pond more. It's difficult to describe the sheer pleasure of seeing these beautiful birds paddling through the water: here's hoping they'll be part of our little farm for a long time to come! 

Quick reminder: If you are wanting any customized keepsake boxes for First Holy Communion Gifts, do try to get your orders in soon! We can add names, scripture verses, and even images of your choice with a good file to work from. These make wonderful grown-up gifts for children, and are well suited to new confirmands, too! We'll do our best to get those to you with a quick turn around time, but the shop will be closed for 5 days for Easter, so plan ahead if you can! 

Wishing you all a blessed Holy Week and a joyful Easter!





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I still think Adam and Eve would be good names for rabbits that you want to breed, but Sam didn’t care for my suggestion.


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