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Abacus-Style Kitchen Rosary

Abacus-Style Kitchen Rosary

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When daily life is full of hands-on tasks, it can be hard to find the time to sit down and pray. And when we somehow manage it, an interruption often makes us lose our place and grow discouraged in the practice. This abacus-style rosary can sit on your kitchen counter or the window sill above the sink to help you keep your heart focused even as your hands are going every direction. It helps us realize the goal of making all our daily work into a prayer. Or it can hang at eye level for children who might wish to say a Hail Mary in the middle of their play, contributing to a family rosary for a shared intention. However you choose to place it in your home, we hope it is a reminder of our Blessed Mother’s ceaseless intercession on behalf of your family.

Made of cherry wood, neutral, unstained wooden beads, and metal crucifix

Can stand on prop (included, but removable) or hang

Size varies slightly, as each rosary is cut from unique pieces of wood, but the standard dimensions are approximately 9 1/2 inches x 6 1/2 inches.

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