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Baptismal Candle Holder

Baptismal Candle Holder

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We are SO excited to offer this one-of-a-kind baptismal gift. Every child baptized into the Catholic Church receives a special candle symbolizing the light of Christ as part of the sacrament. But most of the time, they are tucked away with childhood mementos or mixed up with other candles in the house. This personalized candle holder keeps that sacramental set apart for your child: light it on the anniversary of their baptism, birthday, patron saint day, or other important family feasts and help them remember the special grace they received at their baptism!

This design with a lipped edge allows the candle holder to serve as a small catch-all or ring tray as well.

The candle opening is designed to fit the standard boxed blessed candles given out by most parishes (25/32" x 8-1/4")

Please email with specific details when you place your order: Thank you!

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