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The Woodshop at Avalon

Map of Middle Earth: Lord of the Rings

Map of Middle Earth: Lord of the Rings

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The Road Goes Ever On and On....

Delight a Tolkien fan in your life with this handsome, intricate map of the land of Middle Earth. Follow the paths of Bilbo or Frodo from the Shire to Smaug's mountain or Mordor, recalling your favorite scenes from those epic stories along the way.

Available in colored paint or black and in sizes from 24in x 32in down to 14 x 11. Any size in between available for the same price. Larger versions are designed to be wall mounted as they are, while the smaller ones can be engraved on wood thin enough to fit into a standard frame. 

These beautiful pieces make excellent gifts for graduates as well as for Father's Day! 

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